What makes a DAO successful online?

OptimizeDAO tracks the online success of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations in order to identify the factors that makes Web3 companies succeed online, as well as the signals that can help to identify successful companies early in their growth. 

Is Your DAO Optimized for Online Success?

For DAOs and Web3 Companies, it is essential for participants, supporters, and investors to be able to find your organization online. OptimizeDAO seeks to better understand the factors that lead certain DAOs to succeed by tracking DAOs online and auditing the online presence of those that succeed (or fail) most notably. 

Here's what we're tracking:

The Website Health feature shows the technical status of all pages on each analyzed website. It provides a summary of the top-level information on crawlability, on-page SEO, technical SEO, internal linking, and performance. Website Health data is provided by SEMrush and is an essential data point for signaling the quality of a DAOs website, especially very early on before other ranking factors and signals become apparent.

Authority Score is a compound metric for measuring a domain’s overall quality, SEO performance, trustworthiness and authority. It takes into account a variety of data points such as domain age, trust flow, citation flow, backlinks and more. This can be an incredibly useful metric for monitoring the overall health of your DAO’s website and providing guidance on what changes might have to be made in order to improve its quality and ranking.

The Organic Search Rankings feature tracks your DAO’s ranking for targeted keywords. It gives you a clear view of what is happening with your DAO’s organic search visibility and reveals any potential issues that need to be addressed. You can also compare the rankings of competitors in order to gain insight into how their strategies are different from yours and how that is impacting the DAO’s organic search rankings and SEO keyword selection.

The Backlinks feature tracks all of your DAO’s incoming links from external websites. This information is invaluable for understanding which sites are referring to you in a positive light and can be a great indicator of overall visibility and brand awareness. With this data, you’ll be able to see who is linking to you, what type of content they’re linking to, and where you can make improvements in your link-building strategy.

Social Media (and your broader online community) is also essential for DAOs and Web3 to succeed in growing their online presence. It is a platform for community building, collaboration and communication. OptimizeDAO tracks publicly available data about DAOs on social media channels like Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and more.

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The Markup feature tracks and visualizes all of the important meta tags associated with each page on your DAO’s website. This is another key indicator for overall search engine optimization (SEO) success, as it provides insight into how structured data is being used by web crawlers to understand each page’s content and index it accordingly.

Load speed, especially on mobile, is a major factor in website effectiveness, conversion rate, and is (as of 2021) an official ranking factor for Google. Our Performance & Speed feature provides an in-depth analysis of the loading speed of your DAO’s website, page by page. It also includes recommendations for reducing load time. Knowing how quickly each page on your site loads can be essential for providing users a seamless experience that will keep them coming back and help you reach new heights in organic search rankings.

Follow Our Leaderboard of Top DAOs Digital Vitals

Our Web3 Digital Vitals Leaderboard tracks dozens of DAOs and Web3 companies in order to identify the top performers in each category, highlight DAOs that are experiencing the most growth, and help to paint an overall picture of the factors that contribute to DAO success online. 

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OptimizeDAO is the go-to resource for tracking your DAO’s Digital Vitals. Our reliable 3rd party digital health data will give you an insight into how your DAO compares to competitors and provide key strategies for successful digital marketing efforts. With our ever-growing dataset of DAOs and Web3s, you can monitor the progress of your own DAO and stay informed about the latest digital trends. All with the goal of optimizing your DAO’s online presence and achieving better results. OptimizeDAO – Tracking your DAO’s Digital Health, simply and quickly.