OptimizeDAO offers monthly subscriptions for DAOs to be added to our database and for individuals to access to our premium datasets.


Add your DAO to the OptimizeDAO dataset in order to track your digital vitals over time. See how your DAO compares with others in terms of website technical health, search engine optimization, website authority, backlinks and more. 

Sponsor an Organization

$ 49 per month
  • Digital Vitals Assessments & Tracking
  • Technical SEO & On-Page Audits
  • Control Your DAO's Public Listing Details
  • Your Site Added to Our Dataset & Leaderboard


Individual subscribers gain access to our full dataset of DAOs and Web3 company audits, including data dating further back and for more categories than our free data offering. Support OptimizeDAO and gain full access with an individual monthly subscription.

Subscribe to OptimizeDAO

$ 9 per month
  • Access to All DAO Audits & Website Scans
  • Increased Look-Back Date Range for Reports
  • Access to Tutorials, Guides & Other Resources